Monday, March 30, 2009

We are so thrilled. The male Osprey turned up on the creek on 9th March . Usually they appear on St Patrick's Day. He took up ownership of the nest a few days ago. He started doing repairs. I know the females arrive after the males, but we were getting worried because she hadn't shown up.
Yesterday , amid a chorus of excited Osprey calls and wonderful displays over our house , two new ospreys appeared. Within a short while the 3rd Osprey disappeared and the female joined the male on the nest. Last evening in the rain they mated repeatedly. They were both there this morning, and on and off all day. It was fantastic to witness all the Osprey drama. It looks like we are in for another Osprey filled summer!


Peter Brown said...

Matthew, they are certainly fantastic birds and you're lucky to have them in such close proximity.

We're heading north to the coast adjoining Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef in a few weeks. Close to where we'll camp for a month is an enormous nest which it's said has been in use for over a century. I have some blurry reference shots of it from previous trips but, with a new camera in readiness, hope to improve on them and feature the nest and its occupants in an upcoming painting. I now know who to approach for additional photographic reference!

From The Studio Floor said...

Really, who would that be??
ha ha. Seriously if you need some Osprey snaps give me a shout.My snaps will be a little soft because I don't want to bug them at the moment. They will soon settle down. I took those from our front door. I will be able to get much closer. We also have loads on the Bay and I got some great snaps last year.
Your upcoming trip sounds so exciting. My sister just got back from Australia. What a fantastic country!

Peter Brown said...

Thanks Matthew. Hopefully, my new digital SLR will make all the difference this year. With luck I won't have to bug you to bug them!