Monday, December 3, 2012

"Clam dredging" (on Leeds Creek in November) 9 x 12' oil

Julia and took advantage of the glorious few days we had after the Waterfowl Fest in November. As we  sailed out of Leeds Creek and into the Miles, we came across this workboat vacuuming up long necked clams. It was just  gorgeous,  surrounded with sparkles and the autumn colors.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Summer Storm...22 x 36 oil

This is a slightly more contemporary painting. I wanted to try and capture the drama
and atmosphere through simple bands of color. With just a few large drops of rain as If you are looking at the storm through a large window (My mom's, to be precise)

Mini 6 x 6 show at the South Street Guild....

We had a fun mini show at the South Street Guild in Easton last night. All the artists did two 6 x 6 paintings, We framed them all the same way (Black gold chunky frames). The show looked great and sales were pretty good. I sold both mine plus an extra one I painted just in case.(actually I painted three extra ones, I got carried away with the theme)