Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Woodland creek 5 x 12 oil

I see this snag on my morning walk everyday. Often there is a heron perched on the snag. I have also seen kingfishers, egrets and eagles on the snag. I love it when the morning sunlight illuminates the branches.
I have also Included the painting In It's early stage.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Iguana and White ibises oil 5 x 13'' SOLD

I saw this scene in Costa Rica. The white Ibis were not at all bothered by the extremely large Iguana.

"Paddy" oil 20 x 16

My old friend Neil Oshea phoned from UK to ask if I was still alive, because I haven't posted anything on my blog since the New year. To prove I am indeed alive and painting I felt I had better get posting!!
This is my son Patrick!

The fishing trip oil 5 x 7'' SOLD

This is a typical Eastern Shore summer scene. Two lads off for an afternoon's fishing on our local Creek.( Leeds Creek)

Sunset on the Bay( Selina 11) 18 x 24'' SOLD

I have just finished this painting of Selina 11 out on the Bay last summer. It was one of those paintings that needed to be pared down.Not much detail, just colour and hopefully atmosphere. This is a sight you can see all summer long. Selina a large catboat) was built in 1911 and is docked in St Michaels harbour. She is always on the river taking out tourists. The Miles river would seem naked without her and the old Skipjack" The Herman Krantz plying their trade.

Reflection. Great egret 36 x 16'' oil SOLD

This is really a designer piece. I wanted to keep it simple . A bold statement, rather than a fussier piece.

Zebra. 8 x 10 oil

Here;s another small African painting. Again I saw this Zebra in Botswana.

Elephant 8 x 10 oil SOLD

It's been a while since I have painted any African subjects. I saw this Elephant in Botswana.

" The Gathering" oil 8 x 36''

I saw these waterbirds in Costa Rica. The Idea is to make it a diptick or even triptick. There were so many more birds. I love to paint mixed species preening squabbling, and doing anything but posing.