Tuesday, January 28, 2014

. Bounty at St Michaels, Sultana in Annapolis and Amistad and the Virginian on the Chester river.

I thought it might be fun to post some sketches . These are Ideas for larger paintings. I do this for most paintings. I have sketch books full of similar scribbles. The colour sketches are useful to show clients. they are oil on cartridge paper. They are an Invaluable way of sorting out compositions and above all getting an Idea down before it slips away. I will post these again when I have completed the finished paintings.

High Tide 7 x 5'' oil

I came across this pair in Assateage  MD last Summer.I was Interested in the size difference between the Ringed Gull and the Sanderling. It's rare to see a Sanderling relaxed . They are usually rushing around frantically.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The edge of the Tide (Snowy Egret) oil 24 x 27''SOLD

I make no apologies for painting another Snowy. They are always a challenge and I love painting waves. Especially in evening light.

Egret Idea oil sketch 36 x 24''

This is a quick sketch on the unprimed back of a board.  It's an Idea I  have had for a while . I want to paint this Great Egret rather loosely,using pinks and Golds  against a neutral background.  Having just completed a Snowy Egret showing the soft plumage and rather ethereal effect of the evening light on the plumage , this time I want brushwork showing. A much more "Slap the paint on" approach! We'll see if it works.
   So many Artists appear to be almost Automotons, painting picture after picture, after picture.
I am not like that. Many Ideas don't work, and I have a studio full of "Almost made it" paintings. I am tempted to post a couple of the failures. If for no other reason than to be honest, and also to explain why I sometimes go weeks between postings.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Madison Elk 6x6 oil SOLD

More Minis 6x6 oil

Great Blue Heron SOLD

Winter Eve

Wild goats on Skokholm SOLD

Optis after a day on the TredAvon. Oil 6 x 12'' . Young Zebra, oil 6x6''

Tallship 9 x 12'' oil SOLD

I painted a version of this for a Banner a couple of years ago. I always wanted to do a miniature of this subject.