Friday, January 24, 2014

Egret Idea oil sketch 36 x 24''

This is a quick sketch on the unprimed back of a board.  It's an Idea I  have had for a while . I want to paint this Great Egret rather loosely,using pinks and Golds  against a neutral background.  Having just completed a Snowy Egret showing the soft plumage and rather ethereal effect of the evening light on the plumage , this time I want brushwork showing. A much more "Slap the paint on" approach! We'll see if it works.
   So many Artists appear to be almost Automotons, painting picture after picture, after picture.
I am not like that. Many Ideas don't work, and I have a studio full of "Almost made it" paintings. I am tempted to post a couple of the failures. If for no other reason than to be honest, and also to explain why I sometimes go weeks between postings.

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