Monday, March 31, 2008

Sanderlings on a sandbar

Here's the finished painting.....

The first shows my crude underpainting, really just an Idea with a wash. The second shows some blocking in and defining the shapes.

"Sanderlings on a sandbar"

I love seeing how paintings develop. From an idea, to the finished painting. Of course I always forget to take photos while I'm painting , however I did manage a couple of "in progress" shots for"Sanderlings on a sandbar"

We are so excited to have new neighbours. Julia will be giving a daily "Osprey" update on her blog, but I had to show a snap also. This was taken a couple of hours ago from our living room!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

"August on the Miles river"

I was pleased to see another skipjack appear on the river. It was one of those lovely summer afternoons when everyone was out sailing.

"Twilight sail"

I love that time of the evening when the light has almost gone and you are treated to a fleeting display of wonderful smokey turquoise. The skipjack was on its way back to St Michaels after a long day spent showing tourists the Miles river. It really was a beautiful sight.

"Charging Tiger"

This one was inspired by my German Shepherd piling into powdery snow after sticks. I wanted this to be all about movement., so I kept it loose (well kind of).

Peacock portrait.

Julia and I had the opening of our joint show at the Troika Gallery on Friday. Although gales and private views are not a great mix, it went well. I am full of admiration for a large group of intrepid art enthusiasts who braved the elements!!!! Here's another one from the show....

"10 minute warning"

Here's another sailboat piece. Julia is in one of the boats. She crewed with one of my neighbours in the wed night races on the Miles river last summer. I just love painting sparkles!!


I saw this catboat on the Miles river this summer. I painted it using the Alla-Prima (wet on wet technique). I also changed my palette for the painting. It's really an exercise in mid-tones. I just had so much fun painting it!!