Friday, June 26, 2009

Springbok oil 6 x 14

I came across these springbok and this gorgeous old snag in Nxai pan Botswana

Bee Eaters oil 6 x 14

These are "Carmine Bee eaters I saw in Chobe , Botswana.

Impala with oryx 6 x 14 oil

I've been doing some small African studies. This shows Oryx and Impala in Namibia

Patrick on the beach. oil 5 x 7

I also can't resist painting my son, so ,without apologies.... Here's Paddy!

Snowy Egret in Surf 30 x 30 oil

You must think I paint nothing but Egrets in the surf.... Here's another painting of the snowy Egret I chased in Naples. I just can't resist that combination of birds and sparkles! That really was a wonderful day at the seaside

Heron 36 x 24 oil

I lost it for a while, not my will to paint, just my blog update ability! Well I'm back, so here goes...
Great Blue heron . This is our regular Great Blue. He's always out in front of the house. That is when the ospreys aren't chasing him away, ... My son calls him Jimmy!