Friday, June 26, 2009

Springbok oil 6 x 14

I came across these springbok and this gorgeous old snag in Nxai pan Botswana


Peter Brown said...

Matthew, it's good to have you back, particularly as you've posted a collection of impressive paintings.

I like the elongated format you've used for many of the pieces - it really contributes to their impact - and I particularly like your choice of colours in the painting of the springboks.

From The Studio Floor said...

Thanks Peter,
There was a dramatic build up to a storm that never happened. It was a gorgeous moody backdrop to a stark landscape. Fun to paint.

Terry Miller said...

Hey Matthew .... as Peter said, it is good to see some new postings. Worth the wait, as these are all gems.

Johnny said...

Matt,love the new group of paintings! Your water never ceases to amaze me.

Gary Keimig said...

I too love that format. So many possibilities and you are doing a great job with them.
Very nice blog