Saturday, November 19, 2016

Assateague Ponies 6 x 13'' oil

I'm very proud of this painting. It was a study in mid tones. They don't show in the photo, but It's all warms, cools and neutrals.

Puddling Ducklings oil 36 x 24''

This shows from start to finish....I drew the shapes with a brush using a simple mix of transparent colors. I do a lot of wiping at this stage. As you can see the shapes are rather crude. I perfect them as the painting progresses.

Frosty morning on the Creek (Great Blue Heron) 24 x 18 oil SOLD

This is the view from my porch. There is nothing more miserable looking than a cold heron!!!

Cresting Wave 36 x 60'' oil(Sanderlings) SOLD

This one's a biggy, 5ft long.  If you could see how small my studio is it would make you laugh!!! Before last weekends' Waterfowl Festival I had 4 very large paintings plus lots of smaller pieces all stacked up. It was a bit of a squeeze!