Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Spring Break" 5 x 7 oil

In Florida the birds and the holidaymakers really do share the beach.

Here's a couple of recent life paintings. I love getting together with other artists and painting a model for a couple of hours. It really charges up the batteries plus you get to hear all the latest gossip!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"High Flying" 18 x 24 oil

I was lying on a beach looking at this gorgeous sky thinking it would be fun to add a bird. I chose a great Egret because I like them.

Passing Storm oil 6 x 15

I loved the yellow light after a summer storm. I promise my horizon is level. It's just not a great snap.

Zebra at a waterhole 6 x 15 oil SOLD

I enjoy painting groups of Zebra.

Thirsty work! 12 x 9 oil

Patrick features in so many of my paintings these days. He's madly keen on pond and Creek dipping.It's hot work and my painting shows him taking a well earned "Freeze-pop" break. I think the giant blue bucket was a little ambitious considering he was catching minnows.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Bounty oil 6x6 SOLD

"The Bounty" (from the movies) visited St Michaels earlier this summer. It docked at the Maritime museum.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Regatta oil 5 x 7 sold

I love the steely grey water of the Solent. This regatta was at Cowes in the Isle Of Wight. When I lived in UK I never realised how stunning the English skies are.

Supporters Club (log Canoe race) 5 x 7 oil

This boat is one of the features of the Log Canoe races on the Miles river. It was out there today, minus the plastic palm tree. I think it belongs to one of the owners.

pirates oil 5 x 7

This ones for Alice to see, because it shows Walt(my friend) and Patrick (my son) Having a sword fight(well driftwood actually) on the beach in Florida.

Choppy waters (Skipjack) 12 x 9 SOLD

This is one of my paintings for an exhibition at the Annapolis Maritime museum.

Heat and Dust oil 24 x 36

I love to paint Tigers. In my opinion they are the most beautiful of the Big Cats. This painting was shipped to UK and is going to be exhibited at this year's Society Of Wildlife Artists Exhibition in London next week

"Naughty but Fun" oil 5 x 7

I saw these Amish girls having fun at the beach. I thought they might have some explaining to do when they got home with wet dresses. They were having the best time though.

Charolais cows oil 24 x36 (sold)

It's so hard to start posting again. It's been so long. I apologize to all the visitors who have been unable to see new paintings and I assure everyone that I am still alive and painting!
This was a fun commission, except that I wasn't able to find any Charolais cattle on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Luckily my sister came to the rescue. I found a breeding center in Sussex UK. She and her boyfriend spent a fun day with the farmer driving around the herd on a tractor. She then sent me some terrific reference. Not exactly how I like to work but It did the job.