Thursday, September 29, 2011

Morwenna 18 x 24 oil

"Morwenna" is a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter. I first saw this boat in the Solent UK. I was crossing to the Isle of Wight. The background fort is Hurst Castle which was built by Henry V111. The Lighthouse is Hurst Lighthouse. I loved the shaft of sunlight on the water lighting up the sails.

Snowy egret oil 24 x 18

This post is for Clive.It shows my painting "Snowy egret" in the ghastly early stage. I took a couple of attempts to place the egret and then blobbed in the waves.I love drawing with a paintbrush. I wanted to get the feel and movement of the waves.Crude, but effective.I also want to do a tonal build up. I feel more comfortable if have my tonal values sorted before I start building up the paint. I like to cover the board in the beginning and develop the painting as a whole. I hate it when a part of the painting gets left behind. I know artists who are happy to begin in one corner and finish it before moving to another section.... Whatever works I suppose, but It would drive me crazy. I like to use the same colours throughout the painting. All the light and colour in the bird are in the wave and sand. The bird is a reflective surface, and It's fun to paint the lovely golds and lilacs in the plumage.

snowy egret 24 x 18 oil SOLD

Here's the finished painting.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Show Off!!! "Beach Stroll" Snowy Egret

I hate to be a show off, but this Sunday,Julia and I both won generous cash awards at "The Best of the Chesapeake" annual show at the Mcbride Gallery in Annapolis.Maryland. I won "Best In Show" and ''Peoples Choice " for my painting "Beach Stroll" and an award for "storm on the Bay" and Julia won an award for her lovely Egret painting"Chasing the shoal" We are just thrilled !!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Frosty morning ( Great blue heron) 18 x 24 oil SOLD

This is the first in my "Four Seasons" series. A year on Leeds creek.(The creek we live on) This is opposite our house last winter.I love the way herons fluff themselves out in cold weather. They also have a uncanny ability to look miserable. Next up ... Bald Eagle in Fall Light.