Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter Morning On Woodland Creek, (Bald Eagle) 9 x 12 oil

We have a pair of Eagles that nest in the woods by Woodland Creek. I see them everyday. The sun comes up behind the trees and it is breathtaking in the morning light. This is the end of the creek and very shallow but the creek opens up into the Miles river. which rarely freezes.

Tatiana… Unfinished sketch 30 x 30'' oil

So nice to get out of the studio and paint with friends. Of course it helps to have such a super model, but never enough time to finish.

Great Blue heron portrait 9 x 6'' oil

"Ruby Throated Hummer" 6x6'' SOLD

And finally…… the finished painting!

"Braving the surf" oil 12 x 9'' Hummingbird 6x6'' oil

I just came across a couple of last year's paintings.

The hummingbird has already been posted but after the feedback I hope you will all forgive my Indulgence. Here are a couple of progress shots…..

I loved this lady with her son and that HAT!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sultana in the Severn 8 x 10 oil

I saw Sultana coming into Annapolis past a Navy Cadet regatta. I love the contrast of the sailboats against the Tall ship.
 Tall ships are so much to paint.  All the rigging, and sails
. It reminds me of making Airfix models as a kid.
Here's my sketch for Sea Grass.

Sea Grass (Snowy Egret) oil 30 x 45'' (SOLD)

I wanted to paint this Egret life size. I enjoyed the challenge of showing the sea grass caught in the wave. It was after a storm, and there were great clumps of grass floating in the surf.
  I'm really enjoying paintings birds life size. I painted a couple of life-size Peacocks last Summer The paintings were 8ft long. Next up is a life sized Osprey... I'm working up to a Rhino!!