Thursday, February 18, 2010

Iguana and White ibises oil 5 x 13'' SOLD

I saw this scene in Costa Rica. The white Ibis were not at all bothered by the extremely large Iguana.


Clive Meredith said...

a lovely narrative piece matthew,composition is great and the letterbox style is perfect for the iguana

Terry Miller said...

Well, they say . . . 'good things come to those that wait!' Hmm, I think it true after looking at all your postings today. What a treat! That portrait of Paddy is just scrumptous.

Carol Andre' said...

Both your last posts are beautiful. Enjoy getting to see them.
Just saw you have 2 chi's. I have 4! Love them to pieces- great personalities.

From The Studio Floor said...

I had forgotten how encouraging it is to receive such wonderful feedback, Thanks everybody... It's great to be back!
Carol, You have my complete admiration... 4 chihuahuas. Would you like 2 more!! ha ha I'm only kidding. Lily is a sweety, Oscar(my dog) is ghastly, he 's fat, bad tempered, barks , pees, steals food, and I just adore him!