Monday, March 30, 2009

Mixed Bag... work in progress

I am always asked to send some before and after snaps of my paintings. This shows how I begin a painting. I worked out my composition in a sketchbook, so I knew roughly which birds to use and where to place them. I begin the final painting with a washy, underpainting. This allows me the freedom to move the shapes around and get everything roughly to scale before I commit to thicker painting. I will put in the tonal values at this stage.
As the painting progresses I will fine tune my shapes and colours. I like to treat the painting as a whole rather than begin in one corner and finish it before moving on to another area. A lot of artists work that way, which is a mystery to me. Working like this allows me a continuity of colour and tonal value.
I have included a couple of stages plus the finished piece.

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