Friday, November 5, 2010

"Storm at Sea" 15 x 36'' oil

In some ways I was terribly unlucky with the weather in England on my recent visit. We had storm after storm. although I was unprepared for the cold, and the rain, I loved the constant drama. I spent many hours wandering up and down the beach.What a 'whinging Pom" I've become! England was great, who cares about the occasional storm, when you get to eat the best Indian food, and the beer's Great!!


Clive Meredith said...

this image smacks of a typically grey,grotty,windswept day on an english beach with nothing but the ever-present hungry gulls for company but therein lies your knack of capturing the essence of the occasion.another smashing piece matthew,absolutely stunning!

From The Studio Floor said...

Dear clive,
Thanks for your lovely compliment. You describe the scene so much better than I do. All I seemed to do was moan about how cold I was.

Anonymous said...

love see!! love animals
i'm party animal!!! :P
love your work it's soooo hot!!
keep going man! x.O.x.O AleksaTz