Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oystercatchers oil 24 x 48'' SOLD

I saw these on a recent visit to England. I spent the week chasing the local Oystercatchers along the beach. This was just before sunset. The light was gorgeous. Beautiful golden pink light reflected on the water's surface.


Colette Theriault said...

Yet another masterpiece Matthew! Gorgeous painting!! Colette

Clive Meredith said...

smashing painting,so evocative of an evening stroll along the waters edge here in warsash,uk.i can almost hear the piping call of the birds as they flit from one feeding spot to another.great stuff!

From The Studio Floor said...

Thank you so much for the Instant feedback. Colette, I am thrilled with your posting.
Clive,I loved what you had to say.
I have spent most of my life on the beach in sussex, but never thought to paint it. It just didn't feel exotic enough. Now,on every visit home I go crazy running up and down the beach, enjoying the different times of day and the tides. The light is always so exciting and ever changing.

Terry Miller said...

I'll add my admiration for this one too. What a gorgeous work. Hope it will be in Easton with you so I can drool in person!