Monday, November 30, 2015

Here are some minis for the McBride gallery Christmas show in Annapolis.

Tiger portrait 6x6'' oil SOLD
View from my porch"Winter on the Creek" 5 x 7''oil
"Welsh Mountain Sheep" 5 x 7''oil


Anonymous said...

Your paintings are totally very cool. Those sheep are so pretty and cute! And the colors you used in this landscape are amazing! My friend from wants me to paint him the landscape with a sunset and if to say true I just can't catch all those colors and make them look fresh.

Matthew Hillier said...

Thank you Adam. The trouble with sunsets is trying to keep the Intensity without making them too "chocolate box". Good luck with your sunset painting. I am pleased you liked the sheep. I love to paint sheep, especially in a cliff setting. I think I might try a donkey next!