Thursday, November 6, 2014

White Ibises in surf 60 x 75'' SOLD

I have just finished working on this commission. It really is rather large.  With the frame It is 66 x81''
 I had so much fun painting this.  White ibises are lovely. These birds kept bobbing in and out of the waves.
    The downside of doing a series of large commissions is that you miss all  other deadlines.  I wasn't able to submit to SAA or Birds in Art and I am scrambling before the Waterfowl Fest.  However I am going to find it hard to get back to normal. There's no excuse to paint a 7ft painting of swans or an
 8ft wave…… But I am tempted!!


Gartenmalereien Stephanie said...

WOW a beautiful Painting!
greetings from Switzerland


Matthew Hillier said...

Thank you Stephanie…. Greetings back to you from the States