Monday, June 30, 2014

Enjoying the shade oil 7 x 5 Tulum Mexico


Vernon Washington The Wild in Watercolor said...

I love these studies and am desperate to learn from them. I have a friend in town who wants me to come over and paint with him in oils. I'm a little nervous so I've shown him your work as a measuring stick...thanks for sharing, your friend, Vernon

Matthew Hillier said...

Hi Vernon,
,Don't be frightened by oils. I was so nervous to make the change from acrylics to oils. Julia sent me on a "painting portraits in oil "course at my local community college. I learned more in one semester than I did in three years of Art college.
It taught me the real basics, from A to Z in how to make a successful finished oil painting. I have never looked back.
However you are so good in a medium that most people struggle with, (Watercolour) that do you even need to paint with oils?

All the best,