Friday, June 22, 2012

Peacock in Flight 36 x 60'' oil

Well It's taken a while, but finally I have finished my Peacock. It will become the center piece for my upcoming one man show at the Academy Art Museum in Easton. Now I have to frame the thing....Arghhhh!


john said...

A glory to behold. Operatic in scope. It reminds me of the inspired work of Raymond Harris-Ching.

Peter Brown said...

Matthew, your work never fails to impress; you are truly one of a kind.

Paschalis said...

A truly gorgeous piece of art! Such an unusual approach to your subject!
Your artwork has been always inspiring!
Thanks for sharing..

Paschalis Dougalis

From The Studio Floor said...

Wow those are the best comments I have ever had about a painting. It was so much fun to paint. I can't wait to hang it at the Museum.
Some of my students will recognize the painting as I used the unfinished piece as a demo for my last "Bird painting workshop" I'm just glad I managed to finish it.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Wonderful painting Matthew! I'm glad you finished it too as I have been waiting to see the completed work, especially after having had seen just a glimpse of it in one of you studio shots.

From The Studio Floor said...

Thanks Jeremy,
It was a bugger to finish because I really had to almost start over. repainting much of the bird and all of the background. Anyway I think it was worth it.

Michael Oberhofer said...

Fantastic work Matthew, surprised to hear it caused you so much trouble, I've always found the hard to finish ones don't come out as well as the ones I sail through. It must be the opposite for you coz this thing is brilliant!

bluemlein said...

superb! is it for sale??