Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Flowers In The Rain" (Finished painting)

I am always asked to show a painting from start to finish. Usually this jinxes the painting. This is a bit of a departure for me. Kind of Abstract realism, If that doesn't sound too pretentious!.
Anyway I began with an oil sketch in my sketch book. Then It's straight to work on the board.I used a cool stain ( a do it yourself paynes grey) I don't draw except with a brush and watered down(with gamsol) oil. At this stage I build up a rough tonal painting. I work across the whole painting getting the feel of the flowers and dark -light areas. begin to play around with the rivulets of water on the glass.
These snaps were taken over three sessions. Hopefully you can see the development as I gradually start defining the shapes and adding details.... More to follow as the painting progresses


Terry Miller said...

Love it!

From The Studio Floor said...

I don't know Terry, I'm just not sure about this painting... Perhaps I should judge it when it's framed....