Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"looking for Arrow heads" oil 7 x 5''

This is how I spend hours on the beach, with my head down searching for elusive Arrow heads. This chap found 2 the week before. The stone arrow heads date back to 40,000 years ago. I have yet to find one but I have a large collection of stones that should have been "Arrow heads" !!


Terry Miller said...

These two new works are splendid. What wonderful captured moments. I said it before, I shall say it again and again . . . moving across the Bay has done marvelous things for both you and Julie. Just look at all these fantastic works that have been coming out of living there. I guess it's like me and cows when I first moved to Maryland!

Paul Kurst said...

You should paint a hat on his head so I can tell people it's me.

From The Studio Floor said...

you really are so generous with your comments. Julia and I are enjoying "spreading our wings" and trying new subjects. We feel the same about what you have always done as an artist. When you began drawing bridges I was inspired to try painting subjects other than wildlife. Your cows and horses are just lovely. Your subjects are always beautifully drawn and your compositions are masterful.