Monday, December 28, 2009

Laughing gulls in surf oil 24 x 36''

My latest painting shows laughing Gulls in Surf, suitably titled Laughing gulls in Surf! I must come up with a better title! Taking Paula's good advice I refuse to apologize for another wave/gull painting. I have so much fun painting the ocean!


Colette Theriault said...

Matthew, once again your painting dazzles the viewer with a beautiful composition and wondrous light. Bravo! I know how you feel about getting stuck on a title for a luck with that. I'm sure you'll think of something unique and fitting.

Kelly Singleton said...

Oh my goodness! What a fantastic painting. Your mastery of water is incredible. Would love to see you do some progress shots of a water/surf painting sometime.

From The Studio Floor said...

Thank you both for making my day!! What fantastic comments.
Kelly, I promise I will do progress shots of my next large surf painting. Colette, I have come up with the title" Cresting the surf" Not my best, but I struggled for hours to come up with that. I find painting a lot easier than finding the title

Clive Meredith said...

simply stunning again matthew,i think your obvious enthusiasm for the subject matter shines through! you could never get bored looking at a painting like this,it's just so full of life and movement.

Cherie said...

Absolutely gorgeous painting! I'm so glad I found this blog tonight!