Friday, October 16, 2009

Bugeye 24 x 18 "Stages"

It didn't stop raining long enough to photograph yesterday's effort. So here it is. Today I'm doing sparkles and water, I spent yesterday cutting in around the sailors and boat. I really enjoy that part of the painting process, and it's exciting to see the shapes looking more realistic.


Paul Apps En Plein Air said...

Matt why is it called a Bugeye?

From The Studio Floor said...

My friend who owned a version of a bugeye told me it has to do with the openings in the bow of the boat where the ropes are threaded.they give the boat "Bug eyes" However I have also heard that it comes from the old Scottish "Buckie" which means Oyster shell. These boats preceeded Skipjacks and were used in the Chesapeake Bay for dredging oysters.