Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bison .24'' x 12'' oil

Here's a new painting . It shows a misty May morning in Yellowstone with Bison and their calves. I have also Included some Progress snaps. They show the development of the painting from sketch to completion.


Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks you for the 'progress shots' of the new painting. It is great to see how you build things up! Please do not worry about editing your comments on the paintings either! The new painting has a load of atmosphere and you can just feel how cold that water is :) Love it.

Lesley Ann

Terry Miller said...

AHHHH! This is yet, another glorious Hillier painting. What you do with water is just amazing. If I could draw water like that, with all that implied movement, I would! Hat is off to you, Matt.

Johnny said...

Very nice Matt! I think I know that place.

From The Studio Floor said...

Thanks everyone for saying positive things about my Bison painting. Johnny it was our last morning in Yellowstone in the fog. Do you remember I went crazy over that creek. I think we all did.
Terry, you could give an artist a big head!!

From The Studio Floor said...

Leslie Anne,
It's so much fun doing the "painting in progress snaps" I appreciate your encouragement!!