Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Water birds 36 x 21 oil

This shows my painting , about half finished. I decided to leave out the white Ibis and go for a long thin composition. It's so nice to be painting birds again. I'll post the finished painting in a couple of days(hopefully). Top to bottom..... great egret, roseate spoonbill, snowy egret, juvenile roseate spoonbill.


Karen Hargett said...

Oh I love this - the long format really compliments the birds. Your paintings are just beautiful!

From The Studio Floor said...

Dear Karen,
Thank you so much for your kind comments... you made my day!!

Johnny said...

This is really looking beautiful! I love all those brushstrokes in the backround.

From The Studio Floor said...

Cheers johnny,
I'll give you a ring this week!! hope the painting is going well